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Beat Those Winter Blues

As the nights draw in and the weather turns cold, it’s no wonder many of us find our spirits and energy levels slumping.

So why do the shorter days affect some people’s mental wellbeing?

One theory is that a lack of sunlight causes a deficiency in vitamin D, which, according to 2008 research from the University of South Carolina, is linked to mood disorders including SAD and depression. Vitamin D is difficult to obtain from food so our bodies rely on the ultraviolet rays in sunlight to produce it. But the limited sunshine in the UK during winter means 25% of us are said to be deficient.

And if you swap outdoor exercise for the gym during colder months, you could be at greater risk of the winter blues. Lack of exposure to daylight doesn’t just affect vitamin D levels either. Sufferers of SAD typically produce less melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep/wake cycle, which leads to feelings of depression and lethargy.

What You Can Do….

There are three supplements which can really help you to banish the winter blues.

1.) Vitamin D
Although daylight has its benefits even on overcast winter days, it can be hard to top up your vitamin D stores. Most people benefit from taking a daily 1000iu vitamin D supplement especially during winter.
Our Vitamin D tablets provide well in excess of this dose and will ensure that your Vitamin D levels stay well topped up.

2.) Fish Oil
Large doses of Fish Oil have been shown in studies to impact the brain in positive ways. It helps with the blues, helps with depression, helps with perspective and helps the skin and cardiac issues.
Take 3 of our Fish Oil capsules each day and help keep away those winter blues.

3.) 5 HTP
5 HTP is a plant based amino-acid combination that stimulates your brain’s own chemistry to manufacture serotonin, which seems to come down in winter months. Start at 100mg in the morning if it’s for mood elevation. Alternatively, if you have anxiety or trouble sleeping at night, 100mg of 5 HTP before bed is great. The dosage can be boosted, if it doesn’t seem to be working at 100mg, to 200mg or 300mg pretty well without contraindications. Of course, if you are on a traditional anti-depressant, speak with your doctor first.
Our 5 HTP capsules provide 100mg in each tablet and can therefore provide ideal doses if taken in quantities of 1-3 per day, if wanting to beat those winter blues.

All of the above supplements can be taken singularly or for optimum eradication of winter blues, take all three together. Check out of Beat The Winter Blues Combo and save money when buying all three supplements together.

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