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Improve Your Hair Health

Are you one of the millions who are unhappy with the condition of their hair?
Have you tried different hair care products in an attempt to get your hair feeling and looking healthier and more manageable, but have still to find the perfect one?

Don’t despair. We have the answer!

Like the rest of our body, hair relies on adequate amounts of nutrients for maintaining health and growth. Infact, vitamins do more in promoting healthy hair than any hair care products and this is a true fact!

Vitamins are complex molecules that play an important role in the overall health of an individual. Vitamins are required for normal functioning of body and hair. Lack of vitamins can slow down the growh of hair, making your hair look dull, thin and lifeless. Vitamins have also been reported to help in the treatment of dandruff and scalp infections.

Our specially formulated Hair Assist – Health supplement has been specifically designed to care for your hair making it look and feel healthier than ever before.

The ingredients of Hair Assist – Health include:

1.) Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Niacin is known to dilate the blood vessels, allowing for better circulation of blood to nourish your scalp and hair follicles. Niacin also stimulates hair growth and minimizes the accumulation of cholesterol. When cholesterol builds up on the scalp, it is converted into enzyme 5 alpha reductase. An increase in this enzyme is linked with balding in men and women.

2.) Biotin (Vitamin B7)
Biotin is useful in preventing hair loss and premature greying. Biotin encourages elasticity within the hair's cortex, while thickening cuticles to eliminate breakage. Biotin deficiencies can lead to seborrhea dermatitis, making your scalp itchy, dry and flaky.

3.) Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
Although folic acid (vitamin B9) does not promote new hair growth on its own, it works together with the other B vitamins to encourage the growth and maintenance of healthy hair. A deficiency of folic acid in the body can cause hair loss and even premature greying of hair.

4.) Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
Pantothenic Acid prevents premature hair greying and excess hair loss

5.) Iron
Iron can help hair growth by carrying oxygen to hair and deficiency in this nutrient may lead to hair loss

6.) Zinc
There are many hair benefits of zinc such as promotion of cell reproduction, tissue growth and repairing of broken tissues. It also maintains the glands on the scalp responsible for oil secretion that helps hair follicles to become stronger and grow.

7.) Copper
Copper plays a key role in the development and maintenance of healthy hair. The body needs copper to produce melanin, which colours hair. When hair turns gray due to copper deficiency, taking copper supplements may reverse the process.

8.) Manganese
Manganese is necessary for growth and maintenance of the nervous system and thus the development and maintenance of hair

9.) Iodine
The thyroid gland relies on iodine to make the hormones necessary for the growth of healthy hair. When we are deficient in this nutrient, the health of our hair can suffer, leading to hair weakness or total hair loss. Taking an iodine supplement may boost hair health and growth, and may prevent or reverse hair loss.

By simply taking our daily supplement you will help improve the condition of your hair without the need for lots of fuss, effort and expensive products. You no longer have to spend time in the shower massaging your scalp with a shampoo or hours walking around with a leave-in conditioner on your hair. All you have to do is take a tablet each day and leave the rest to Mother Nature!

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    we need protect our skin,and learn some basic knowledge about hair cells.

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